Didi Isah


A sustainable handcrafted, and affordable lifestyle boutique brand.

A cultural and creative soul, The brand’s Creative Director Didi Daley’s love and commitment to sustainable natural materials, multi functional handcrafted design that is elegant and yet affordable lead her to create DIDI ISAH.

Didi’s designs are influenced by all the things she loves most, travel, art, history, books and even food, as well as fun things that reminded her of childhood like watching her stylish mother and older sisters get dressed, or sighting swallows from Europe passing through her home town in West Africa, where the mighty River Niger met with the River Benue to form the iconic confluence etched on the West African map.

The swallows in the Didi Isah logo tell a personal story, one of movement and travel, where colours, flavours, and form would converge in design. Their migration but continual return home and the freedom they represented resonates with a global mindset, with inspirations across the Continent of Africa that find their way into designs, igniting sartorial sensibilities that converge into a stylish idyll and one lifestyle brand.