Building Better Businesses

Avivere provided year long mentorships on building business brands and value to:

Emmy Kasbit – Winner, Fashion Focus Fund Africa 2018, Mentorship season 2018 – 2019

Emmy Kasbit is a Fashion brand founded by it's creative director head Okoro Emmanuel in January 2014. The brand was birthed out of it passion to clothe the unconventional Man thinks outside the box and is willing to defend his outfit as being deliberate and not accidental.

Cynthia Abila Winner, Fashion Focus Fund Africa 2019, Mentorship season 2019 - 2020

Cynthia Abila is an eponymous, Nigeria-based brand created by Cynthia Otiyo-Abila in 2016. The designer is passionate about African cultures and storytelling, and her work interprets the heritage, history and craftsmanship into modern silhouettes. The collection promotes the centuries-old techniques of handmade fabric production, hand beading and adornment by utilizing a network of artisans in local communities. By providing sustainable employment and flexible work policies, Cynthia Abila is recognized as a vital member of the ethical fashion movement.