Brand Partnerships

Avivere is the ultimate partner in contemporary and luxury African fashion.

Avivere is focused on the diversity of the continent’s fashion industry, hence is open to designers and brands from every African country, either emerging talents or established professionals, who are leading the way to redefining the fashion future. To be eligible for stocking consideration, the brand must possess the features below:

Eligability for Designers:
  • Brand must be of African heritage (global)
  • Brand must have a modern, contemporary and/or luxurious approach to its designs
  • Brand must produce in at least one of the following categories – RTW (ready-to-wear,) accessories, shoes, and jewelry
  • Brand must have a seasonal collection cycle
  • Brand must have at minimum one professional look book in the past year
  • Brand must meet and adhere to global industry standards for quality, sizing and fabric selection for the contemporary and /or luxury market